Monday, August 20, 2007

Visiting Grannie Frannie & Family

After our trip to Moses Lake, we went to visit Tony's parents in Idaho. Tony and I both got sick on the 2nd half of our trip, and we really didn't take a lot of pictures. Tony's parents bought a fixer-upper with access to one of many, many lakes in Idaho, and we all went out to see it. It was pretty cool--and definitely a project to keep them busy. I really loved the wild backyard. We could see where deer sleep on the land at night, and we walked down to look at the lake. I wish we had taken some pictures. We enjoyed relaxing and hanging out at the house for a few days.

Maiya enjoyed meeting their 4 dogs, especially Avigail, who is very calm and good with children. She squealed whenever she saw Avi and spent a lot of time petting her.

On our last day, we celebrated Tony's cousin Jacob's 15th birthday. Two of Tony's aunts and their families also moved up to Idaho in the last 2 years. It's really nice that they're all together. We enjoyed visiting with everyone and seeing how the kids have grown into teenagers.


yam said...

hey, i had that same lakers shirt that tony has! it's in very good shape, as mine got worn out. looks like you guys had a very nice family vacation!

Jenni said...

That's funny! Tony just got that shirt about 2 months ago from my auntie, who was cleaning out her closet - so it had never been worn. i meant to ask you your & L's families names of relatives up in ML, WA.