Monday, June 18, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

Tony's parents Fran and Don stayed at our house this weekend to visit. On Saturday, we went to Tony's Godmother Valerie's 60th Birthday Party. On Sunday morning, Tony and I made a Father's Day's Day Brunch for our families. Then on Sunday night, we went to dinner with Fran's family and long-time family friends.

Maiya and her god-cousin Erin

Fran & Valerie

Fran, Don and Maiya. Maiya's eating ice cream - a rare treat!

Three Monkeys Sitting in a Tree
Maiya with cousins Kevin & Kyle

Tony and Maiya on Father's Day with my parents and his parents

Fran, Maiya, Grandma, Cousin Robin & Aunt Gail

Dinner at Billingsley's in West LA with extended family & friends

Maiya at the end of a busy weekend!

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