Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mama's Day Off (Photo Blog)

I was off work today. We were up at 7:30 am. For breakfast, we had toast, juice and apples. We watched Sesame Street, played with stickers, and played with a stuffed bear and Maiya's Japanese/English speaking Yumi doll while I vacuumed the house, unloaded the dishwasher and did the dishes.

At 9:30, I made my 4th attempt to go to the gym this week--but my first time to actually work out. (Last night, I got there 10 minutes before closing, last Wednesday, Maiya freaked out at the Y's Childwatch and wouldn't let me leave her, so I didn't get to work out but we did sign up for swim class this summer. Last Tuesday Maiya got upset when I was leaving the house, so instead Maiya, Auntie and I ran errands and went for pizza.) Anyways, Maiya had a lot of fun at Childwatch playing outside on the playground today. We ran into a little boy and his mom who we used to see at the Y a lot. I got in an hour-long workout (first time since January!) and when I went to pick her up, she was so busy with Legos that she didn't want to leave. We shared apple slices, ran around the courtyard at the Y, and watched people swimming.

After the gym, Maiya & I came home for lunch about noon. We had leftover pasta from last night, shared a bean burrito and some soymilk. Daddy got her this hat last night at In-N-Out. That's bean burrito all over her smiling face. I love this picture.

Then, I tried to get Maiya to take a nap (she dozed for 20 minutes in the car before noon), but she wasn't having any of it (it's a new trait this refusing to sleep thing). I went on the computer, nursed her a lot, and Maiya played with playdough and alphabet letters. About 3:30 pm, Auntie Keiko came over and brought Maiya some cute shoes and clothes and did some more alphabet play with Maiya. Then, we met Daddy at Johnnie's Pastrami's for dinner. Auntie and Daddy had pastrami, and Maiya and I shared an apple and a chicken sandwich. Yum.

Then, after dinner we went to Trader Joe's. I went grocery shopping while Daddy and Maiya took a nap in the car. We came home and I put away 3 baskets of clean laundry and straightened up the bedroom. We watched some great insects on PBS, then Daddy took Maiya for a bath--and more alphabet play.

And that's it for today. It's after 10 pm and Maiya is having a tantrum so I better go put her to bed. Tomorrow is a work day. Still to come, more dancing video, pictures of our trips to Leo Carrillo, Sesame Street Live at the Kodak Theater, LA Zoo, and more! Sure would be nice to get some comments once in awhile so I could know if anyone is out there reading.


z. said...

Hmmmm. Did someone say comments?? :)

mamalife said...

Faithful reader. Love the smile!

AlmostDr.J said...

I'm reading I'm reading! It's soooo cute to see all the pictures of Maiya growing up. It gives Josh and I a little window into Tomie's potential future. :)

Jenni said...

Thanks for the sweet comments!