Sunday, May 06, 2007

Manzanar 2007

Maiya's 2nd trip to Manzanar
Meeting Grandpa Walt on his way to
Lake Crowley's Opening Fishing Weekend.

Beating the 90 degree heat.
Visiting with traci at the Manzanar Committee's tent.
This is Ken Koshio. He performed Sukiyaki at the pilgrimage.
Stay tuned for photos of me with his son at the pool.
Dancing the Tanko Bushi with daddy.
Going for a ride with Mama after the pilgrimage.
The big taiko drum after the pilgrimage.
This year we drove up for the weekend, leaving on Friday evening and driving up to Lone Pine. As usual, we stayed at the Dow Villa Motel. On Saturday, we went out to the pilgrimage. I acted as stage manager, a role I filled for many years when I was active with the Manzanar Committee. This year's pilgrimage was dedicated to Sue Kunitomi Embrey, the chair for over 35 years, who passed away last May. Over 1,000 people came to the pilgrimage this year.

After the pilgrimage, we went back to the motel and spent 2 1/2 hours in the pool (photos to follow). That night, Tony & Maiya hung out, went and got a pizza, while I went to the Manzanar After Dark, a program for young people that I started back in 1997. It was organized by our friends Traci & Mari. They showed our friend Tad's film, "Pilgrimage" which led into the intergenerational discussions. It was pretty amazing that close to 250 people attended the evening program, culminated with poems written that evening by participants. It was really great that we were able to take Maiya again this year. She had a fun time playing with rocks and some other children who came. Hope you will join us next year. Peace. Out.

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