Saturday, May 12, 2007

KuidaOsumi the OG

I just remembered that this site was originally a geocities page! So, if you want to see where we started from, take a look from the early days (last updated March 2002): The look has changed (hopefully for the better), but the content and ideas behind it are pretty much the same nowadays. The main difference is the addition of Maiya into our website and our lives.

I just updated the main website and added some photos to Maiya's Home Page. If you haven't seen it, it's a month-by-month look at her cute smiling face, and the slowly, but surely increase in the length of her hair. And no, she hasn't had a haircut yet!

I've been wondering what to do about I don't really update it much anymore--there's some linking issues I haven't felt like dealing with. I've been documenting our lives for over 7 years, but only updating the site every 3 months or so. I need to renew the domain name--don't know who else would want it but I don't feel real inspired to update it, given how much easier it is to be here on blogspot. What should I do? Let it go? Keep it for posterity? What do you think?

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WEb said...

Jenni, I feel you should keep the website (even if you don't update it). There's so much wonderful content on there!