Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Recent Random Ramblings

WORK: Work has been a little nuts lately, which is why my posts have been kind of lacking lately. In March, I got real sick for 2 weeks, and then recovered in time to go to Detroit, and then when we returned, my work schedule got kicked into high gear... working 7 days in a row, including 9 hours on Easter Sunday. I worked about 40 extra hours this month in order to do some contract renewal and quarterly reports. I finished everything last Thursday and then took Friday off. Auntie Keiko came over and we went shopping and for lunch.

RAFFLE: The Science of Sake fundraiser event below is SOLD OUT. I think over 800 people are attending. Pretty amazing... Raffle tickets are still being sold. If you are a gambler, or not, the odds are pretty good. It's $100 for a raffle ticket, and the grand prize is $25,000. And as of today, only about 250 tickets have been purchased--and 500 tickets is the maximum that will be sold. Let me know if you want to buy a ticket. I have one ticket left to sell--it's $100 (if you get 5 people to kick in $20, you could win $5,000 each). But hurry, because the winning ticket will be drawn on Thursday night, and SOMEONE is going to win $25,000.

ZOO: We went to the LA Zoo on Saturday. I love taking Maiya places as a family. I hadn't been to the LA Zoo since I myself was in the Brownies, so it's been awhile. I remember my mom driving the Brownies in our Ford Country Esquire station wagon. I remember being hot and when my mom asked everyone if we'd had fun I remember saying that I didn't have fun and she got mad and said something about not taking me again, or about me being ungrateful, which obviously I was. Anyways, I think Maiya had fun. My favorite thing was seeing the giraffes, so tall and graceful. I enjoyed the zebras. Maiya loves "oso" (bears) and we saw a really big one. Pictures to follow if I can find the energy to upload them off the camera.

WORDS: Maiya's vocabulary, and willingness to use it, has been increasing rapidly the last month or so. It's just so much fun. She usually speaks in 1-2 word sentences, so I have gotten pretty good at using context and my shrewd investigatory skills to figure out what she's saying (or not saying). Tonight in the car she must have said "monkeys" repeatedly for about 5 minutes before I realized that she had dropped her green monkey and wanted me to get it for her. I thought she was talking about her monkey PJs (the shirt she wore to childcare today) or about the monkeys from the zoo on Saturday.

Ok, well it's time for me to go (back) to bed. Went to sleep with Maiya at 10, but then woke up at 12:30 and couldn't fall back asleep.

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mamalife said...

Dates are fun. Also too infrequent in our house. We also went to the zoo a few weeks ago. It is good to have a little one so as to have an excuse to find time for all these fun things ;)