Monday, April 23, 2007

Hubby Date

I took Tony out to a belated dinner for his 40th birthday on Saturday night. It's like our 3rd or 4th date since Maiya was born. Last year for Tony's birthday we went to Blue Hen, and I think we went to Tender Greens on my birthday in November. We went to RedMoon Cafe, which is a local Vietnamese place I'd been wanting to try. We got a two person appetizer so we made our own spring rolls and they had a little charcoal bbq for meatballs and some fried rolls and shrimp. I thought the food was pretty good--but Tony says we probably won't go back there.

Two things happened. One is that we ordered veggie curry. They brought us chicken curry and the cook said that he made chicken and took it away. So, we said, no, it's ok that we would eat the chicken curry. No problem... the chicken was pretty good I thought. But when we got the bill, I noticed that they crossed out veggie (8.95) and wrote chicken and charged us the extra dollar for the chicken. Then I noticed that they charged us for rice, even though we didn't order it. Tony was pretty sure that the menu said it was served with rice. (I just checked their website on geocities (wow!) and it does say that it comes with rice). I guess I should have said something about it at the time, but I didn't. Anyways, it was so nice just to be out with Tony in a "quiet" restaurant (no Maiya) where we didn't have to clean the floor before leaving, and were able to both eat our dinner without having to leave the table. Anyways, I hope we go on more dates together, I really enjoyed it! Maybe next time we will plan it so we have time for dinner and a movie.

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