Sunday, December 03, 2006

Winding down November

For Thanksgiving, we went over to Uncle Meg, Aunt Janice and cousin Tina's house. Afterwards, we went to the Ayala's. Nice day.

Maiya on Thanksgiving at the Ayala's.

On Saturday, I had a yard sale, after clearing out some of the things we just don't need. I decided to donate the sales to Great Leap. $90 is not bad, considering that most of the things I sold between 50 cents and a dollar. I was practically giving things away. Afterwards, we donated about 5 boxes of leftovers to the Boys and Girls Club. It was nice that both my sister and brother's families came over to lend a hand and hang out during the yard sale.

Anyone want to buy some stuff?

From left: Jenni, Maiya, Kyle, Saori, Kevin, Tony hanging out at the yard sale.

After the Yard Sale was over, Mike, Laura and Amani came over and Tony made a delicious meal in the new kitchen. We've been having a lot of great meals this past few weeks. Tony's been outdoing himself meal after meal, and I've been happily washing dishes and keeping the kitchen clean.

Mike handling two at once!

Maiya and Amani coloring at Maiya's new activity table.

It's been so nice to be doing dishes and laundry at home. What a luxury! I've never spent so much time in the kitchen before. This morning, I even baked pumpkin muffins. Hope your weekend is going well. I can't believe we finished up November and are now into December!

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