Monday, September 04, 2006

K.I.P. (Kitchen in Progress)

1940's kitchen ready for demo (8/16/06)

Working on the electrical and plumbing (8/21/06)

Bamboo floors and fluorescent recessed lighting in (8/26/06)

Base cabinets in process (9/1/06)

Primed and ready for the next steps (today)

Still to do:
* Paint ceiling and trim (today)
* Pantry and upper cabinets, cabinet doors and shelves built
* Install cabinets
* Select paint colors and paint for kitchen, dining room, living room
* Decide on Silestone vs. Ceasarstone countertop colors ++
* Order stainless steel sink and faucet
* Get undercabinet lights, microwave, toaster oven, garbage disposal, water filter conversion kit
* Install new backdoor, get hinges, doorknob, screen door
* Window treatments for all 3 rooms

There's a lot more, but money is flying out of our account so fast I can't think. I wish my cousin Jackie was in town to help with paint colors and decide on the countertop options. Anyone have any advice, let us know. Stay tuned.

++ Silestone Samples


mamalife said...

Thanks for sharing pics of your work in progress... can't wait to see how it looks when it is finished. What an ambitious project!

allison said...

Wow, that's some extensive remodeling! I bet it's going to look magnificent when it's all done!