Monday, April 24, 2006

Play Time

A few weeks ago Maiya went on her first Easter egg hunt at the child care center party. After a busy few weeks at work, I took off Thursday and Friday. We hung out in the backyard in the mornings. Maiya and I went to the mall and she played in the mall kids area for the first time. We also went to the park with my sister Gayle and her kids, Kieth and Kaylee.

Me and Daddy got 2 eggs!

Me and Mama at the childcare Easter party

After playing in the dirt in the backyard with my new shoes!

Driving my first car at the indoor mall

I really love the swing, it's the best!

My cousin Kaylee (23 mos.) went down the slide all by herself

Auntie Gayle, Kieth and Kaylee (I'm hiding on Auntie Gayle's lap)

Yesterday, Tony, Maiya and I went to the Whole Child, Whole Planet Expo at the Convention Center, it was pretty awesome to go to the first natural family parenting expo. I sat in on a panel about the dangers of vaccinations. It was very interesting and makes me glad that I delayed some of Maiya's immunizations, and makes me wish I had delayed the ones when she was under a year. Tony and Maiya enjoyed all the free healthy and/or organic food samples and I loved simply being with other like-minded families. It was refreshing to see so many slings, crunchy mamas and attached babies.


z said...

Well, of course, Maiya is beautiful...

And you, Mama? That picture of you is awesome!!!! I love those glasses and your haircut...

mamalife said...

I also love your new haircut, you look fabulous! Our indoor mall play area has the exact same car (they also have a red one), my girl also loves it!

Jenni said...

haha. that's my old haircut. i hated my hair. that day--we went straight from the easter party to the place i get my hair cut. this is the before picture. the after picture is in the entry below where i am at the wedding. but thanks!

Jenni said...

oh and z, those are vintage sunglasses. my mom had a garage sale last month, and this was one of the things i took from the "for sale" box. i think they're circa 1978. they were in better shape than sunglasses i got 3 months ago.