Sunday, April 30, 2006

Maiya's 1st Trip to Manzanar

We took Maiya on her first trip to Manzanar yesterday--driving over 400 miles in one day. For those who are new to this website, I volunteered for the Manzanar Committee for 9 years, helping organize the pilgrimage programs, running the Manzanar After Dark program, emceeing, stage managing, writing press releases, being the webmaster, publishing a poetry 'zine, helping with fundraising, and more. Last year, since Maiya was barely 3 months old, we missed the pilgrimage. So it was nice to go (without any responsibilities (other than childcare)). We went up for the day, and Tony's dad Larry joined us on the trip.

It was hot and sunny, so I was "paranoid mama" chasing Maiya around with sunscreen, picking up her hat all day long, and giving her water and apples all day. The heat was hard for Maiya, and she was a little cranky until she fell asleep in the sling. After a short nap, she woke up refreshed and ready to socialize. The day was exhausting, especially since I've been nursing a cold for the last week. Speaking of nursing, I had Tony take pictures of me breastfeeding Maiya at Manzanar.

Even though Maiya is only 15 months old and won't remember this trip, we have lots of photos and we can explain to her when she gets a little older about the importance of learning about things like the injustice of war, and how her Japanese American grandparents and great grandparents (and all their families) were put in concentration camps 60 something years before she was born. We can share with her why we think it's important to document your family's stories and to fight for justice.

Eating apples at Manzanar in the shade

Hanging with Mama before the Pilgrimage

Mama's LTSC co-workers

Giving rocks to Grandpa Larry at the interfaith ceremony

Doing the Tanko Bushi dance with Daddy!

My first family picture at Manzanar Pilgrimage 2006

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