Friday, December 09, 2005

Tricks are for kids

Tony taught Maiya "Gimme five." It's so cute how she slaps his hands, and gives him five. Maiya can also now wave goodbye. The other day, without being prompted to, she waved goodbye when I was dropping her off at childcare. That put a big smile on my face the entire morning.

Yesterday, I said, "Duckie, this is a duck. Give the duckie a hug," and then I put the soft fluffy duck in her arms. She grabbed the duck and gave it a hug. I couldn't believe it, so I said, "Give mama a hug." and she did. I tell you, the girl just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

On an exciting note, I just found out Maiya and I are going to be in the's 2006 Calendar. Boy, I never thought I'd be a pin-up girl, exposing my breasts for a calendar and everything! No, just kidding, it's a very tasteful photo of me nursing Maiya at The Grove when she was 2 1/2 months old. "Nothing" is showing, except for my commitment to giving my girl delicious and nutritious mama's milk, whenever and whereever she wants and needs it.

Ok, me and Maiya are both sick this week--that's been a bummer since I wasn't finished with last month's cold yet when this one kicked in. The funny thing is that Maiya loves the nasal aspirator. Most babies hate having their mocos sucked out of their noses, but when I do it, it makes her laugh every time. The girl is a nut, or maybe she just has a ticklish nose.

What else? Oh! Tooth #8 came in some time this week. Well, Maiya's been sleeping on my arms while I type this post, and my arm is getting tired. So, off to bed we go! Toodles!

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