Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dinner Time & Maiya's Blog Update

I took Lily to LAX at 5:30 am today, and then went to get some gift wrap and medicine at Savon before dawn. If you want to avoid lines and holiday hassles, do it early in the morning. Yes, we're still sick. Maiya had a slight cold last week, and it's hard to tell if she's sick again, cause I'm still coughing, wheezing and hacking from her first cold back in November. This week, she had a fever, so I had to take her out of childcare, but then a few hours after we got home, she was fine (although I nursed her 16 times that day). We went to a holiday party at Beth, Brian, Erin & Valerie's last night, and now Maiya's a little bit croupy again.

Erin and Maiya at last night's party

But enough about that. This entry is about dinner time, so here's a few cute pictures from dinner a few weeks ago. Maiya is enjoying chunks of avocado, tofu, steamed zucchinis, carrots, sweet potatoes, edamame and other finger foods. We're moving away from the organic baby food in jars lately because she loves picking up the food with her fingers and feeding herself.

Maiya and Daddy chowing down

I like my sippy cup, but Mama's milk is still my favorite!

Finally, *Maiya* spent the whole afternoon, updating her Blog from July! Check it out!

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mamalife said...

Great pics - I especially love the caption on the last one!