Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Get your Triangle Project tickets today!!!

This is Great Leap's big production for 2005. Nobuko, PJ & Yoko have been working on developing this piece for 5 years. It is the culmination of 90 years of experience as professional/community artists. I hope you will come. It is going to be a transformational, spiritual moment, that will be seen one night only in Los Angeles on November 5th. And, for you Northern California folks, catch it at CS¨ Monterey Bay on October 26th. See the Great Leap website. Get your tickets today! Jenni

Unites Three Renowned Women Artists of Japanese Descent

The Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (JACCC) presents THE TRIANGLE PROJECT: Journey of the Dandelion, an international collaboration featuring Yoko Fujimoto - principal vocalist of KODO, PJ Hirabayashi - Creative Director of San Jose Taiko, and Nobuko Miyamoto - Artistic Director of Great Leap; and directed by Kevin Higa.

The Triangle Project: Journey of the Dandelion is a meditation on peace that takes the audience beyond performance, invoking ritual through stories, taiko and dance, to bring light and harmony to our fractured world. Much like the resilient dandelion that endures the harshest environments, these artists explore their common roots and disparate experiences as Japanese and Sansei (third generation Japanese Americans) through dislocations caused by migration, war, and atomic holocaust. Using the vibration of their compelling musical experience they invoke a universal call for unity for a world rapt in violence.

These three women have made significant and lasting contributions to their individual art forms nationally and internationally for over 30 years. The physical exuberance and musicality of PJ Hirabayashi’s taiko has been the trademark of San Jose Taiko, inspiring taiko groups across the U.S. and abroad.  Nobuko Miyamoto’s songs pioneered a cultural voice for Asian Americans, continuing through her theater works that speak to deepen relations between diverse peoples. Yoko Fujimoto, with KODO, reclaimed Japanese folk songs and made it her own with her powerfully moving voice.

Hirabayashi, the initiator of The Triangle Project, explains, “I have been friends with Nobuko and Yoko for many years and have been profoundly inspired by each of their artistry. We first came together in 2000, with Nobuko and Yoko meeting for the very first time. The Triangle Project has been a gift for us to explore and distill our work to the basic essence of simplicity and beauty and to overcome the challenges of distance, language, and culture to form a universal expression of spirit and values.”

The Triangle Project: Journey of the Dandelion is a co-production of San Jose Taiko and Great Leap, Inc.  One performance only on Saturday, November 5, 2005, 8 pm at the Aratani/Japan America Theatre, 244 S. San Pedro St., Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles.
$25 orchestra, $22 balcony, $20, $17 JACCC members and groups, $15 student rush, day of show. Charge by phone (213) 680-3700, Fax (213) 680-1872. Box Office Hours: 12-5 pm, Monday thru Saturday. www.jaccc.org or www.greatleap.org/triangle

"The seeds of the dandelion
Scatters in the sky
A wind born weed, a wildflower
Watch it fly…
Dancing on the wind, spinning to a world beyond the eye
Dancing on wind, new life begins…"

The Triangle Project: Journey of the Dandelion
November 5, 2005, Saturday, 8pm

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