Wednesday, October 26, 2005

6 Teeth and Busy Days

Just wanted to show off Maiya's 6 teeth. And yesterday, tooth #7 came in. Can't believe our girl is going to be 9 months old next week. If you told me she would be this active a few months ago, I wouldn't have believed it. She is into everything. Like a Jack Russell terrier or the Energizer Bunny, the girl just goes and goes and goes.

We have been busy. Yesterday, we went to lunch with Iku, then we spent the afternoon at Ikea. I was returning a $15 item, and somehow wound up with 3 bags of stuff, spending over $60. Ya know how that just happens. Today, we went to the Little Tokyo Community Council meeting. Lots of comments and questions about Maiya in the sling. She was pretty good, although I did walk outside with her a few times.

Maiya took her afternoon nap while I walked through J-town with Nancy, who organized the Little Tokyo mural. She is working so hard to arrange the final installation of the mural, plaque and the unveiling program. As of this afternoon, they had put up the framing for the bottom of the mural, along with some of the brackets that will hang it. The unveiling program is set for this Saturday, Oct. 29 at 11 am, corner of First and Central. Email me if you want a free parking pass.

Before heading to the office, we went to the JACCC box office to pick up some tickets for The Triangle Project: Journey of the Dandelion, featuring Nobuko Miyamoto, Pj Hirabayashi and Yoko Fujimoto. I have tickets available for $20 each (value $22 or $25) if you want to buy them through me. Or you can pay full price on the Great Leap website or through the JACCC box office. The show is Nov. 5th.

I hope you'll come to both the mural unveiling and the performance. Kuida-Osumi have been working hard on these projects, and you can see Maiya and her 7 teeth at both events.

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