Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Stand Up (Maiya Grace!)

Maiya Stands Up!

What will she do next? She may just bypass the whole sitting thing.

At 7 months, Maiya's newest trick is that she can now stand up on her own. When I say on her own, I mean we need to be there to spot her, cause she can only stand for about 10-20 seconds before she falls or flips over. She can get off the couch (note our latest Craig's list acquisition), feet first, and land in a standing position. What she cannot do, is get up to a standing position from the ground. She can put both hands up on the couch as if she is about to stand, but then just smiles, weaves and pivots for awhile, promising that she will get up there before we know it. She did give me quite a scare the other day, when she pulled up to a standing position from inside the crib. Tony just lowered the crib mattress a few weeks ago, and now we need to do it again!

On another note, Tony's mom still hasn't talked with her sister Barbara directly yet. Last we heard, they were in a shelter in Baton Rouge, but they don't appear to be there anymore. We are waiting and hoping things are all right with Barbara and her family. I heard on KPFK yesterday that the Red Cross is spending $4,000 a day per evacuee, but that if they just gave each person $4,000 a day, they would be able to relocate and start to rebuild their lives that much quicker. Will heads roll at the top for appointing such an obviously unqualified person to run FEMA? I hope. I hope. I hope.

If you live in L.A., don't forget to vote today. There is actually an election today, not that you'd know it.

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