Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Cruisin' Along to 8 mos.

The 7th month has come and gone quickly, and it has been one of increasing change for Maiya, and we are trying to keep one step ahead of her.

Happy, but outgrowing the infant seat

First off, Maiya has gotten too big for her infant car seat carrier. At 6 months, she was already 27 1/2 inches, and the car seat carrier maxes out at 26 inches. Even though some parents keep their babies in there longer sometimes, it has just gotten so heavy to carry her like that. So, we got out the convertible carseat and put it in the car. Surprisingly, Maiya must like the new seat better (Brixtax Marathon for you baby-gear shoppers). It's soft and cushy, and she is calmer, and seems to fall asleep in it much better than the old seat.

Happier in the cushy new seat

Maiya is crawling, pulling to standing, climbing under, over and around objects, cruising along the couch, bouncing up and down, quick to smile, and has even surprised us with a few tantrums images of her strong personality, with some serious likes and dislikes. Likes: Mommy & Daddy. Dislikes: diaper changes & getting her faced wiped.

Getting into some mischief

Under the chair

We had a big scare last week. After a poopy diaper change, I was cleaning Maiya's diaper cover in the bathroom, and had set her in the crib. Since she co-sleeps with us, she's not often in the crib. She was in there, happily babbling away, quite loudly and nonstop. Next thing you know, I heard a loud THUMP... then WAAAAAHHHHHHH! I ran in there, and she wasn't in the crib, she was on her back, on the floor, screaming! Oh. My. God.

I stopped breathing myself, scooped her up and ran to the couch with her, holding her, soothing her and telling her she was going to be ok. After about 30 seconds, she stopped crying. I checked her head, back, arms, legs, eyes, everything seemed ok. I put her on the floor and she was crawling, no problem. Happy as a clam. We think she might have tried to get at a mobile which I had moved facing outside of the crib, and pulled herself up with it (which we didn't know she could do), and lost her balance. So the mobile was immediately removed, and the crib mattress lowered to the bottom rung. We watched her pretty closely for a few days, and it seems everything is ok. Lesson learned.

"I'm ok, if you're ok!" - Nikkei babe taken a few days before the mattress was lowered

Maiya will be 8 months old on Friday. She is still nursing about 10-12 times a day, more if she's teething or sick (first cold this week), and less if we are really busy. She now has 5 teeth, 3 of which have come through in the last two weeks, painfully so. Since the 5th one came in, she seems to be sleeping a little more at night, which is good, but there are more new teethcaps on the way. We are bracing ourselves looking forward to seeing what changes are in store for October!

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