Thursday, November 01, 2012

It's time for NaBloPoMo 2012 again

So, I'm thinking about doing NaBloPoMo, posting daily in the month of November, something I've done the last five years or so, with some success, except for last year, where I only made it halfway through the month.  I was a pretty regular blogger until FB came along and reduced my writing to photo uploads and Twitter-like status updates.  Anyways, for the last week, I have been trying to do monthly updates to catch up on 2012.  I've made it through January, Feburary, and Maiya's 7th birthday, so I guess I'll have that to do.  Anyways, I'm kind of babbling, so I'll just close with a photo.

Maiya and I have been doing puzzles lately which we got from Auntie Keiko.  When we visited her this summer after picking up Maiya from her Buddhist summer camp, we stopped by Keiko's house and did puzzles with her.  They are so addicting.  This one is the first one we did, and was a 500 piece puzzle, pretty easy.  We bought a 750 piece kids puzzle, which was quite fun, and then I did a 1000 piece Kincaid puzzle, which was not easy at all, and took quite a bit of time and many late nights.  I think I like that even though they're tough to do, all the pieces will eventually fit together, which I like. Since there's a lot of chaos and gasa gasa in my life, I find puzzles oddly comforting and relaxing.

Peace. Out.
NaBloPoMo12 #1

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