Monday, January 30, 2012

Backblogging January 2012

We'll ignore the fact that it's the middle of October 2012, and that I never finished last year's November NaBloPoMo which was supposed to backblog 2011.  So I still need to catch up on June-December for 2011. I may never get there.  Or, these dates might look a little funky.  Anyways, here are some photos from January 2012, Maiya's last month of being 6 years old.
Maiya took over 100 pictures on this day of her animals.  Each one has a name, age and gender assigned to it. 
One of Maiya's vintage art projects with Daddy.
Making pizza out of cardboard.
Maiya took some Saturday Karate classes to prep
for her Yellow Belt test at Jewish Workman's Center .
Maiya has been here before... for 2005 Jewish Seder (her 3 month bday).
Took Maiya to JANM for their Oshogatsu Festival.
Here we made handprints with our wishes for 2012.
Musubi Making Contest at JANM
Grandma with Grandkids on her 74th Bday
Celebrating Grandma Machi, Kevin and Uncle Shag's Birthday.
 ** Still to come for January 2012, our trip to Santa Barbara for MLK weekend.

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