Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tree trimming with Tula

Our friends Scott and Tula from Detroit came over a few days before Christmas.  Tula and Maiya put up our tree.  It was a 3 foot tree, actually maybe 2 feet tall with a foot long stick at the top.  Since it was pouring rain when we got the tree over the weekend, we just grabbed it and ran it to the car.  It was so small it fit in the backseat.  We had it drying out in the garage for a few days and finally put up the tree 3 days before Christmas with Tula's help.  We put it on a cooler... it only needed one strand of lights and about 1/4 of my ornaments.  
 Tony made me this Peace Sign out of lights and rope and wire.  He had bought the wire last year.  This year I bought some solar lights that go on the bushes.  I was pretty excited about the peace lights.  So are the girls in the window, can you see them?
*P * E * A * C * E *

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