Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moments in Manzanar 2010

Drove up to Manzanar for the day this year.  Left around 9am, got up there just after noon, stayed for the program and then went to the interpretive center, then hit the road to go home.  It was nice that my brother Darin's family came up, as did Nobuko and Dan.  Nice to visit with our friends from NCRR.  It was the first time I've been there in 12 years that I wasn't working, running around behind or onstage.  It was nice to kind of sit, eat the hummus, pita, tabouleh, carrots, apples and stuff that Tony packed for us.  And that, in a photo nutshell, was the 2010 Manzanar Pilgrimage... Maiya's 5th trip in her 5 years.

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