Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cold Turkey

Well that wasn't very nice of me, now was it? Here I was blogging every day in the month of November, and then bam! Cold turkey in December. I wasn't planning on taking a blog break, but with the online class I was taking (BTW I got an A+ in the class) and everything else going on in life, I kind of burned out. I don't even have any pictures to post lately, because our camera isn't working and I had misplaced the good battery.

I'm not really back... just taking a moment during a bit of insomnia to say that I will be back. Right now things are a little crazy. Uncle Bill had hip surgery, and Tony stayed at his house for 7 nights taking care of his dad while Uncle Bill was in the hospital, and we have been eating over there every night after work, coming home around 10-11 pm lately. Work is hectic, and then... we are in escrow on a house, more on that later. All of which to say that I haven't even started dealing with holidays or gifts or anything. I think this year the holidays are going to be over before we even have a chance to stress about it because so much else is going on.

And man, it is cold out! It's not helping my laryngitis. So yeah, sorry about the cold turkey on the old blog.

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Janet said...

Thanks for the update - I'd been wondering about you! Congrats on your A+ (wow!), prayers for Tony's uncle, and Merry Christmas! And don't worry, I'm crafting and shopping enough for all evens out.