Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day 2008

I picked up Maiya from preschool today, told her we were going to a rally, and that we were walking there. We walked through J-town, past City Hall, and to the May Day rally for immigrant rights. We didn't go last year, but we did go 2 years ago (click May Day below) to the march and rally through downtown, to MacArthur Park and down Wilshire to Koreatown when there were over 600,000 people, which no one in the media talks about this year. This year was much smaller, although we did get there after the 4 marches were over, and the rally was pretty quiet with just a few hundred people milling around in the intersection. The police were present on horses, on bicycles wearing short pants and helmets, and on foot wearing LAPD windbreakers and blue jeans.

That's City Hall in the background.
(Tony would have gotten it in the frame.)

Guess which 3 year old took this picture?
(This is the best of 20 shots.)

The sign says, "A WORKER
- grows food
- teaches children
- builds houses
- makes clothes
...and so much more."

Flag-waving American Girl

This photo was taken by an LA Times photographer on our camera.
He took some pictures of us, and got our names.

After all that walking to get there, we only stayed about 10 minutes, and then walked back to the office, a total of 13 blocks, some short, some long. We were thirsty when we got back. The main thing is that we went, and Maiya gets the message that going to rallies and supporting the struggle for immigrants and workers' rights is important.

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cry it out! said...

Good for you two! It is great for her to see how important it is.