Monday, March 26, 2007

Backyard fun

Spring is here, and we've been having a lot of fun in the backyard in the last few weeks!

Daddy chasing Maiya with the ball! Yes, she's squealing.

Daddy being silly wearing the flat ball on his head.

Maiya and Amani taking a break and hanging out.

Maiya and Amani eating apples and chicken stew.

Laura with Baby Lela.

Maiya playing with her new kitchen from our neighbor's daughter.

Here's a sandbox we picked up off the street with a FREE sign on it.
Maiya loves putting sand on plates and serving it to us.
She hands it to me and says, "Mama eat."

Trying not to confuse "real" food with "pretend" food. So far, so good.
Maiya's enjoying PB&J sandwiches with apples and "sand" ice cream.

Endless fun in the sandbox.

Yesterday, we had a feast for breakfast. Hector & Erika came over for some blueberry/banana pancakes, strawberries, scrambled eggs, homemade salsa, teriyaki hot links, turkey sausage, mushrooms and spinach, and rice. It was so delicious, we barely needed lunch and dinner. Afterwards, Maiya played in the sandbox, almost all day. I foresee that we'll be spending a lot of time out here in the coming summer months.

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