Sunday, January 21, 2007

Maiya's New Bed

On New Year's Day, Tony was talking to our friends Evelyn and Bruce about when they transitioned Naomi (now 26 years old) to either a toddler bed or twin bed. Bruce said, "I don't remember when she got her own bed, but funny you should ask, because we just took down her bed 3 days ago. It's in the garage. Do you want it?" So, Maiya got herself a new bed that we set up last weekend. So big thanks to Naomi, Bruce and Evelyn.

Here's Daddy interviewing Maiya after setting up her new bed.

And, a photo of her 10 minutes after falling asleep the first night. Note the 3 monkeys in bed with her.

After a week, we're using the new bed about half the time. Since we're still night nursing most nights and we're still a co-sleeping family, just in different configurations throughout the night.

I'd be interested in knowing other people's ideas about the family bed, when they transitioned toddlers to their own bed, and things like that. We're doing this by instinct, and it seems to be working for us.


mamalife said...

My girl will be 3 in April. She starts out the night in her own toddler bed, but most nights ends up in our bed par-way through the night. It works for us. I don't worry about the future and when she will stop sharing our bed. I only worry about today. And I secretly miss her on the rare nights she doesn't come to join us.

nay said...

glad to see another monkey in the bed :)

a. said...

We started out co-sleeping, nursing on demand.

My son is going to be 7 next month. He still sleeps in my bed. But I tell myself that Michelle Wie, the professional golfer, still sleeps with her parents, and she's going to Stanford.

I had to kick my daughter out of my bed when she was 8, but she took it pretty well. She's going to be 11 in a few days and she asked if she could sleep in my bed last night.

So...don't do anything I did.