Monday, July 03, 2006

Visiting with Tula's Family

Maiya visiting with Auntie Emily

Emily, Scott & Baby Tula

Tony, Maiya, Emily & Tula at Venice Carnival

Maiya checking out the tomatillos and cilantro

Maiya and Tula hanging out at the South Central Farmer's Market

Kuida-Osumi at the South Central Farm

Our friends Scott and Emily from Detroit were in town last week with their baby Tula! We went to the Venice Japanese Community Center Carnival. The following morning, we met them at the South Central Farm for a farmer's market. Scott interviewed some folks for a video he was making for our friends in Detroit. Part of why I've been so interested in the South Central Farm, is from my experiences with the urban gardening movement in Detroit where we spent several summers with Detroit Summer and the Boggs Center.

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