Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bubbe & Zeyde's Visit

We had a great visit from Tony's Mom and Don (aka Bubbe and Zeyde) last week. They came down from Idaho for Don's mom Marie's memorial service. While they were here, we got to visit with Valerie, Beth, Brian, and Erin. We also saw Nina, Danika and Chris at least 3 times, which was a lot of fun. Maiya and I were sick, but Tony also got to visit with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Izzy, and Patti as well. We spent a lot of time just hanging out, eating, and even playing Sudoku. We hope they come visit again soon!

At Don's Mom's Memorial Service in Compton

Grandma Fran wearing Maiya after enchilada dinner

Maiya with cousin Danika

Fran and Don with Uncle Izzy, Aunt Sarah and Patti

1 comment:

mamalife said...

I love any grandma who will wear their grandchild in a sling! (as opposed to thinking the mama is crazy for doing such a thing!)