Friday, October 22, 2004

JACS, Fidel and Martha

I updated the JACS website last night!!!! First web update since January 2004. JACS is a small foundation that gives money to emerging API organizations and projects. We're embarking on a fundraising campaign so that we can continue to give to worthy organizations who are doing great work... I've been working with my friend Azusa to design a brochure, and we are going to be sending out fundraising letters in December.

On another note, a speedy recovery to Fidel as he heals from his trip and fall yesterday. This is not the fall of communism, or the decline of a dictatorship as the news twists it. It is a 78 year old leader of Cuba who tripped on a step and injured himself. That's it. Let's not turn it into something it isn't. All leaders eventually pass on, but this was just a little trip.

More exaggerated new in the news. Why is it that Martha picking crabapples illegally and making jam for her fellow inmates such a big news item? And why does her breaking the rules seem ok and such a big deal when there are others in prison who are put into solitary confinement or beaten or raped for speaking out or having certain political ideals.

Surely there's more important news. How about the lack of health care coverage for so many millions of Americans who don't have free medical care like Cubans, or the epidemic of below poverty and working poor Americans who can't afford to feed their families, much less have access to healthy, organic foods.

Ok, that's my rant for the day. I think i'm bolder on blogspot cause it's so easy to just type. Gotta get back to work.

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